8 abril, 2021 - 12 abril, 2021

Chicago, USA

At Galería Artizar, we have been working with contemporary Spanish art for over thirty years and over the past ten years we have also specialized in contemporary Cuban art. Specifically, we are the European representative of some of Cuba’s most important artists.

In this exhibition project, we are showcasing some of the lines pursued by our gallery. From internationally renowned Spanish artists such as Amparo Sard (Mallorca, 1973), whose work can be found in collections such as the MoMA or the Guggenheim in New York, to established artists in Spain with a strong international profile such as the sculptor Carlos Nicanor (Canary Islands, 1974), and the artistic group Martín & Sicilia (Canary Islands 1974 and 1971).

And of course, a selection of works by three of the great Cuban artists we represent in Europe. Grand masters such as Manuel Mendive (Havana, 1944), José Bedia (Havana, 1959) and Juan Roberto Diago (Havana, 1971). Three of the most important representatives of Afro-Cuban visuals arts, with a prominent presence in the international art arena, including museums, galleries, fairs, and biennials.

All these artists and our gallery share the same communality: we are all islanders - Mallorca, the Canary Islands, and Cuba. We all work from a position of islandness and are in perfect synch with it, anchoring the way we reach out to the rest of the world.

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