Pamen Pereira

Tampoco el mar duerme II

4 September, 2015 - 17 October, 2015

The Galician artist Pamen Pereira returns to Galería ARTIZAR three years later to present us with Tampoco el mar duerme II (Neither the Sea Sleeps II), a version of the exhibition seen at Galería Astarté in Madrid last 9 April, which was curated by Miguel Fernández Cid and held to great acclaim by critics and audience alike within the programme A 3 bandas (3-Track).

She arrives at our space in La Laguna with her exhibition having been recast by selecting only three or four pieces that shape a confined environment where each work will inevitably offer us a way out, a need to escape, whether to the immensity of the sky, the force of the sea or to our own minds.

Thanks to her extensive research, work and dedication, pieces such as Tampoco el mar duerme (Neither the Sea Sleeps) come to life, which Pamen Pereira defines as “Something or someone remains awake forever. A constant impulse of life, a never-ending expansion… even in the quiet and in silence. The immensity of the sea, the unleashed forces from avernus, a metaphor or reflection of the emotions contained in a small fish bowl. A huge tempest domesticated in a small recipient”. We may also experience the piece Ecuanimidad (Equanimity), which refers to a standing alertness perfectly represented by the attention that a candle melting on a hat attracts. It will be accompanied by El mundo visible es una excusa (The Visible World Is an Excuse), an installation with more than forty pieces suspended in the air. “Once I reconstructed the cow vertebrae as I pleased, I put them to fly although with heavy wings. What is usually hidden and close to earth, such as bones, comes to light. What is heavy also rises. As mi friend Carlos de Gredos says, perhaps death flies with lead wings”, the author tells us.

As in Madrid, this exhibition will become a major event given the quality of the works shown, the atmosphere created and, of course, the category of the artist that gives shape to it.

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