Group exhibition


27 March, 2013 - 27 April, 2013

Carlos Rivero | Dave McKean | Jairo Alfonso | José Bedia | Julio Blancas | Luis Palmero | Manuel Mendive | Martín & Sicilia | Ángel Padrón

We will be wrapped in paper during April. A selection of some of our most prominente artists and others that enter for the first time within the art space of ARTIZAR. Names such as Julio Blancas, Santiago Palenzuela, Martín y Sicilia, Ángel Padrón or Carlos Rivero, accompanied by some others of different countries and styles such as Dave McKean, Hans Lemmen or Pamen Pereira. All this together with the work from three Cuban artists, the young and promising Jairo Alfonso, whose career in Europe has started strong, together with the masters Manuel Mendive and José Bedia.

A real experience of different techniques, styles, colors and concepts united by one common pattern, the paper, as basis and essence of each work.

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