Cuban group exhibition

Aires de Cuba

6 February, 2015 - 21 March, 2015

Manuel Mendive · Santiago Rodríguez Olazábal · René Peña · The-merger · Jairo Alfonso · Maykel Linares

In 2004, an unexpected call to our gallery from Manuel Mendive in Benin, where he was at that moment, expressing his interest in one of his works, which we were then exhibiting and was posted on our website, marked the beginning of a professional relationship with the master of Manto Blanco that has made us the main representatives of his work in Spain, during which the artist has held three individual exhibitions at our art space and has exhibited his work at Spanish art fairs, always with the active involvement of Artizar in all projects by Mendive in Spain. These privileged ties with one of the main Cuban artists gradually opened the doors of Artizar to the art of the Caribbean island and, since then, apart from Mendive, the work of Wilfredo Lam, José Bedia, Los Carpinteros or Santiago Rodríguez Olazábal, has been seen on the walls of our gallery.

Aires de Cuba ("Winds of Cuba") is an exhibition that is somewhat celebratory due to the new winds blowing in the island, but also because it is the fifth anniversary of the exhibition Son cubano, the point of departure of the journey of Galería Artizar to the art of the "eighth island", as it was seen by the Canarians (in the 20th century, this title was eventually given to Venezuela), and which has become, given the extraordinary vitality of Cuban art, in one of the most exciting areas of our gallery project.

With the presentation of a magnificent and unique work by Manuel Mendive, which the author titles Muy tranquilo ("Very Calm") –a large canvas painted in 2009 with a clashing symbolic delivery, crowned by an imposing sculptural frieze made of Corten steel– together with paintings from the celebrated 2014 series Cabezas ("Heads"), these Aires de Cuba begin to blow at Artizar, where Santiago Rodríguez Olazábal, René Peña, The Merger, Jairo Alfonso and Mykel Linares are also present.

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