Group ART

3 February, 2012 - 17 March, 2012

Carlos Rivero | Alexis W | Julio Blancas | Vicente López | Santiago Palenzuela | Sema Castro | Ángel Padrón | Pamen Pereira | Luis Palmero

We want the first exhibition of 2012 at the Artizar Studio to be a collection of some of the most representative artists in our history. Entitled Group ART, as a nod to the symphony of works, styles, energies and personalities that will be collected in the lagunera hall, we wish to present evidence of each one of the nine signatories.  Beginning with the latest works of Sema Castro, the magnificent plays on color of Luis Palmero or the subtleness in the graphite of Julio Blancas, moving on to the black and white experiences of Carlos Rivero and Alexis W., which their San Borondón series, created in 1997, anticipates.

The chromatic materials in the structures of Ángel Padrón in contrast with the raw oil of Santiago Palenzuela fill the walls with life and accompany the Holiness of Vicente López, the most recent creation of his non-conformist pop line.  And in order to finish this magnificent portfolio of creators, the Galician artist, Pamen Pereira paves the way to Tenerife with her natural lines, bloody labyrinths to show us that the whole world is medicine and that serve as an appetizer for her individual show in June.  Group ART, as a group creation, as a merger of ideas or as a path for new identities of artists that comprise it. An invitation to the purest contemporary art and the past, present and above all, future image of the Estudio ARTIZAR gallery.

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